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Game Programmer/Producer from Melbourne

James Koehne – Game Developer Portfolio

"Ping" - 2½ Day Game Jam

“Ping”, a game created in Unity 5, was made in 2½ days for a game jam at university. Our team won “Best game” for the four-player couch co-op jam.

It’s a four-player couch co-op style game geared towards consoles. You either play as the hunter or the survivor. Hunters must catch the survivors to win whereas the survivors must remain alive for the time limit to win.

You are all in a pitch black room and the only way you can see is with the hunter’s light or with your “Ping” ability which lights up the area around you. However, you want to limit the use of your ping because the hunter can see you do this and will be able to chase you down.

Internal University Trailer – Just a bit of fun not meant to be serious

I am quite happy with the outcome considering we only had a few days to make it, and the team came together to create a game that is really fun.

Being a 2½ day game jam, a lot of the game was programmed crudely. Since then we have been working on a completely revamped version of the game. A major component, which was done poorly was the ping effect, which originally came from 100x100 lights (so that’s 10000 lights turning on and off at a time), which is quite slow. So we remade it using a shader on one light, where the shader then computes what lights need to be on and has the same effect. I am also working on adding networked multiplayer into the game.

Here is a build of the new lighting I have been working on: (Start game with “Host Server”)


  • Role Programmer

  • For Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Game Jam

  • Date 09/05/2016

  • Type Playable Demo

  • Game Engine Unity 5

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