James Koehne – Game Developer Portfolio

Game Programmer/Producer from Melbourne

James Koehne – Game Developer Portfolio

"Alone" - Major Production at AIE

“Alone” is the final end of year project that I worked on at AIE. This project emulates the real world game development cycle, covering the entire process of pitching a game idea, writing design documents, managing workload, meeting deadlines and delivering commercial quality work.

Main Menu for Alone

The map I attached to the games terminals, you can see yourself as a green marker. Mutants are displayed as red dots if close to current terminal

Storage room – Beautiful depiction of Unreal’s lighting

Maintenance shafts – Should you go down these narrow passages?

Cryo room – what have I woken up to?!

As a programmer on this project, I learned a lot about the game engine we used – Unreal Engine. This included developing AI for the mutant, programming the User Interface, and building the player controller from the ground up. The Unreal Engine’s blueprinting system was leveraged to pump out most of the games logic with the time-frame we were given to complete this project (4 Months).

This has been a personally satisfying project, as I have learned and obtained invaluable skills regarding working in a team, keeping to deadlines, and using Trello to keep track of the features that needed to be implemented and tested. The project’s success can be attributed to the group keeping in constant communication, quickly discussing issues that arose and being able to solve them as a group.

Due to the success and positive reviews and feedback from the public and other students at AIE, we are considering further development of this project.


Game Design: Daniel Spiteri and Zach Rault

Programmers: James Koehne and John Makron Ikonomou

Environment & Character Artist: Jakob Dillon

Environmental Asset Artist: Brodie Martin

Character & UI Artist: Blake Crane

Sound Design: Murray Lorden

Voice acting: Brendan Barnett and Xanthe Folan

Additional thanks: Alex Haslam and Elkanah Hoch

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